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PODCAST #4: Avoiding Holiday Weight Gain

Three Simple Ways to Eat Simply This Holiday Season and Avoid Those Extra Pounds We’ve all been there, standing in front of a mirror, realizing it’s January 1st and it’s time to face the morbid truth of our holiday splurge. We tip-toe to the bathroom and step gingerly on the scale (because maybe a lighter […]

PODCAST #2: De-clutter Your Life

So if you are anything like me, just looking at the above picture is causing you to itch or want to crawl inside and start cleaning. For many people, this room is a daily reality of what it’s like to live inside of clutter. Clutter isn’t just a mess; it’s the cause of stress and anxiety for […]

My TEDx Experience: A Reflection

In the fairy tale, Cinderella, the clock chimes midnight. Her chariot turns back into a pumpkin. Her clothes become a disheveled mess, a stark contrast from the glorious ballgown she wore while dancing with the prince. All she has left are memories of the best night of her life. I do not live in a […]

Madi Still Says, “Bloom Where You’re Planted”

The lotus flower is a remarkable creation. Despite growing in dark, murky waters, everyday it blooms in sunlight free from dirt and grime. I reflected on this a few weeks ago when a landscaper came to our house that we are currently in the process of selling and planted a few bare-naked rose bushes on […]

New Year, New You Body Transformation Challenge

Are you ready for the January Kickoff Challenge: January 1st through February 1st, 2017?  Let’s do this!   3 Ways to Win: Weight Loss Body Fat Loss Muscle Gain Rules & Requirements for the Challenge:   $10 (non-refundable) Entry Fee ($1,000 Payout across 3 categories) Weigh-in and Submit Before Photo 12/24/16 – 12/31/16 Join Facebook […]


I’m always amazed by how quickly it happens. One moment, I’m dealing with the typical stresses that come in a day and the next moment, I’m lying on a floor in a fetal position in tears convincing myself to not just pack my bags and run away. If you’ve ever experienced this, or experienced the […]