Madi Still Says, “Bloom Where You’re Planted”

The lotus flower is a remarkable creation. Despite growing in dark, murky waters, everyday it blooms in sunlight free from dirt and grime. I reflected on this a few weeks ago when a landscaper came to our house that we are currently in the process of selling and planted a few bare-naked rose bushes on our front lawn. At first, they were simply bushes thrown in some dirt. The only indication that they would possibly turn into roses at all were the thorns that covered each stem. Over time, sunlight and water have contributed to the growth of stunningly beautiful, hot-pink rose bushes in glorious, full bloom.

How did that happen? They grew because they were planted in good, fertile soil and tended to with love and sunshine.

Some of us may be growing in the same garden we were initially planted in, with no fertile soil, sunlight, or water. Some of us may have been planted in crevices of concrete, expected to wilt before even reaching full bloom. The great news is we can uproot and be planted elsewhere. It’s time for new soil and new seeds.

There are a few things one must be aware of when choosing new soil in which to grow:

Accept Dirt

Flowers, when they are under dirt, have to prove they can grow by pushing through the dirt. At first, the dirt is cold, dark and suffocating. Embrace this. All flowers need to endure this critical, first step in the phases of maturation. In saying this, accepting this dirt isn’t the same as allowing dirt. I don’t suggest that you allow people to throw dirt on you that doesn’t advance your growth. I encourage you to consider however that when you are beneath some dirt, accept this as your personal challenge to bust through.

Anticipate Drought

You have to anticipate some drought. Sometimes we forget to water the garden and the roses are thirsty. It’s the same in your garden. Sometimes we forget to water ourselves with love, personal development, and proper nutrition. You must carefully tend to the garden to watch it grow. Have you ever eaten a healthy meal and felt amazing? Have you ever felt invincible after a tough workout? Nutrition and exercise are not just vital for health; they are vital for optimal wellness as a whole.

Take Time

By far the most frustrating challenge of gardening is the waiting period. We often struggle with how far we have come because we want everything now. In this high demand society where everything is available at our fingertips, we tend to expect life to work the same way. Flowers however, need time to grow. Sometimes we look at someone else’s garden and judge our own patch of land according to theirs. Remember that comparison is the thief of joy (Mark Twain). If you want your garden to grow, recognize that in order to grow, you must first master your OWN garden, then you’ll be gifted with more.

So despite where you are planted, you too can emerge from the dirt and flourish into a beautiful lotus flower. Remember it takes time. Some may try to knock you down or cut your roots, but through it all stay true to yourself, set realistic goals and dare to be rare!


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  1. Sandra
    Sandra says:

    This piece right here makes me wanna scream to myself “how did you not know this?” Lol, An eye opening piece. I’m still learning and this helps to explain why I must continue to be strong “Bust” thru.


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