Body Transformation Challenge

It’s about to get real!

Announcing a great opportunity to stay in shape after the holiday while trying to win some cash!

I’m starting an online weight loss challenge. Weigh ins will begin on Monday, January 4th. The official online challenge will take place from January 4th to March 7th. Winners will be announced March 9th and cash will be awarded that same week. The winner will be based on percentage of weight lost.

Online Weight Loss Challenge Rules/Policies:

  1. Contest is $30 to enter.
  2. Weigh ins: January 4th. You MUST do the following:
    • Submit a before and after picture of front, side, and back to my email.
    • Submit a picture of your starting weight to my email.
    • Submit measurements of bust, arms, waist, and legs to my email.
    • Submit via PayPal your payment to
  3.  You must download the “GroupMe” app and be added to the “Body Transformation Group” Weekly challenges will be sent via the GroupMe app.
  4.  You must read the weekly lessons that will be sent via email.
  5.  First place will receive 50%. Second place, 30%. Third place, 20%.

If you know someone out of town that would like to join, please forward these rules and click here to enter! The more people who enter, the higher the prize and greater the community impact!

For those in the local Philadelphia or Delaware Areas:

Weigh-ins are TODAY!

Location for weigh in: 719 Secane Ave. Clifton Heights, PA

Time: 7-9 p.m.


  1. Weight loss
  2. Body Sculpting
  3. Physique
  4. 40 and over
  5. Overall champion (best transformation overall)

Website with more info:

Join today and win up to $1,000 cash prize!

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