F.L.Y. With Balance

This month is all about F.L.Y.ing (First Loving Yourself). One aspect of loving yourself is balance. The last few months I have struggled with this idea of “balance”. How does one balance being a teacher, wife, mom, business owner, and being the healthiest version of myself possible? Here are a few tips I’ve been using that could help you too.

Minimize the Multi-Task

I often used say “I’m a great multi-tasker.” Oh, how I wish I never would have learned this so-called skill. Why? Multi-tasking means you are unable to give 100% to any one task at a time. If you are a parent, consider the moments you are playing with your child on the floor, texting your friend, and composing an email for your job, all at the same time. It dawned on me why I rarely feel centered or balanced. I was exhausted more often than not, and my son even started to give not so subtle hints that he wanted me to put my phone away.

“Mom, are you going to watch this show with me?”

“Mom, I’ll wait until you’re off the phone so we can play this game together.”

What I realized was, during these moments, I wasn’t giving 100% to any activity. I can’t be a 100% present mom if I’m dividing that percentage among four other things. So avoid multi-tasking by honoring who or what you are with at that time and allow nothing to distract you from that particular priority.

Schedule Yourself

Bosses schedule. Period. As a leader in your home, your life, your profession, you need to schedule your day, and then employ yourself the following day to follow the schedule you set. This has helped me tremendously when the to-do list is longer than the time I may have. Try thirty-minute segments and allow for changes. Be willing to adapt to what life brings along the way. Adaptation forms character.

Power Hours

For one hour per day, give yourself a power hour. Just one hour with nothing to interrupt you. Make a list of one to three priority items that must get accomplished during this power hour. It may be laundry or meal prepping, work, or quality time with a child. Put the phone away and get it done. You’d be surprised how much an hour of time can impact your day.

F.L.Y. (First Love Yourself)

Find twenty minutes to be alone. Whether it’s taking a bath, doing some yoga, stretching (great for the soul), reading, or mindless scrolling on social media. Whatever makes you happy. It’s okay to say to the people you care about, “I just need twenty minutes” and create strict rules around your “me time.” You are a better parent, spouse, employee, and person when you make time for you.

In this day in age we are constantly on “go”, but going in circles leads to mindless travel. Take time to just be STILL and you’ll find joy.

Keep Prep’n,


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