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Personal Development:

Today was a day I can be proud of. For the first time since starting crossfit over 2 years ago, I did a box jump.

Now I know what some of you are thinking: “what’s the big deal?” Fear is a funny thing. One time, long ago, Derick challenged me to doing a box jump on to the arm of the couch (welcome to my crazy marriage lol.) Not only did I skim the arm however, I actually fell! I landed right on my back and it knocked the wind out of me. Of course we laughed, but right in that moment I told myself a story: “box jumps are not for me.”

Today, I held my coach’s hands and jumped on to an 18 inch box. After three times of that, I felt confident to jump ALONE. Then, I jumped in our entire workout of the day (WOD). I did 8 box jumps each round for 4 rounds.

We all have something that holds us back from being better. For me, it was jumping on a stupid box that was quite stable, but seemed impossible. What are you avoiding jumping? What scares you?

Today, I encourage you to JUMP! Go all in and get ready for your breakthrough.

In this week’s news:

I’m LOVING The new collagen booster. I now see a difference in cellulite (finally) and I just love the taste. I do this with beverage mix, tea, and aloe and it’s my favorite thing to drink 2-3x a day.

Below I’ve posted “good foods” and “bad foods”. This is being sent to all my 7 day shred challengers, but I figured hey, my current clients could benefit too!


Good Foods

Bad Foods (DON’T EAT!)

HERBALIFE SHAKES! Have TWO per day!!! (Doesn’t matter when). Fried foods
Greek Yogurt– (oikos is GREAT)


Eggs: Hard boiled, scrambled, over easy- try to only do 2-3 per day! (Egg whites you can do 4-6 per day) Cookies
Cottage Cheese (if you need it sweeter, try Truvia or Stevia) Canned vegetables (buy frozen or fresh)
Swiss Cheese sticks or laughing cow swiss cheese sticks Fast food (avoid ALL drive throughs)
2% milk (can be used with shakes) Juice (nope. Water water water)
Steak (round/top bottom) Soda
Ground Beef/chicken (stuffed peppers, mixed with brown rice, tacos) Cake
Chicken breast (baked, broiled, grilled, or try special K breading for chicken fingers) Cupcakes
Turkey breast Ice Cream (Frozen Greek yogurt yes)
Fish Peanuts (go almonds)
Tuna fish (try flavored) Cereal (unless special K. If your kid eats it, you can’t!)
Beans (black or lentils) Cheese (except on good foods list)
Bacon Pineapples, grapes- too much sugar
Pepperoni White bread
Jerky (watch serving size) White pasta
Peanut Butter (2 TBSP per day only) White rice
Almonds (1/4 daily) Brownies
Quest Chips/Bars (vitamin shoppe) Pizza
Complete Cookie (vitamin shoppe) Fries
Edamame Chinese Food
Soba noodles (Panera bread!) ALCOHOL!!! (none for 7 days!)
Brown Rice
Raw oats (oatmeal)
Wheat Bread (try weight watchers)
Special K cereal with protein
Bare Naked protein granola (go by serving size)
Rice Cakes
Fruits: All berries are GREAT.  If you MUST do a banana, please only 1 per day.
Light popcorn

I have THREE spots left for the 7 day shred! I’ve pre-ordered the programs, so if you know anyone who would like to try, please send them my way. Referrals are GREATLY appreciated as I build my brand/business.

Today marks 11 years I’ve been married to my husband :-). This weekend I will be unavailable from Saturday night to Monday morning. Please stay focused. You can do this! Drink plenty of water, stick to your shakes, eat lots of protein and talk to you when I return.

I believe in you!


Coach Madi

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