Madi’s Top Five Tips to Success

Everyone has a different view of what success is, but regardless of what your dreams are, success is attainable with a few simple strategies. Here are my Top Five Tips to Success:

  1. BeYOUtiful
    There is absolutely nothing wrong with being “different.” When I began my venture in business, I found myself trying to fit into the norms of what people labeled as “right” for network marketing. I realized more than two years in, the only “norm” is being abnormal and finding what works for YOU. YOU are already valuable in all your uniqueness and your job is to find where your uniqueness is missing in the world and lend it to that void. You don’t have to become a better version of someone else. Your job is to become the best version of YOU and avoid conformity.
  2. Take Care of YOU
    I certainly have not mastered this rule; in fact I’ve struggled with this task more than any other task in business. When your role in this world is to be of service to others, you forget that the greatest role of service is to yourself. Spend one hour per day doing something that brings you joy. For this author, it’s watching one hour of television or exercise. It’s a mindless activity that allows me to drift from my own world and enter another. No thoughts, no stress, no racing thoughts. Whatever it is that brings you peace, do it daily.
  3. Find Someone Smarter Than You
    For the last two years, I’ve always strived to be the LEAST smart in the room. I surround myself with people who have more experience, more knowledge, more tools, and more “oomph”. It pushes me to be greater. I believe there is power in being the “smallest” in a room.
  4. Make Goals Urgent
    If you were told that you would go to jail for life unless you hit a certain goal, you wouldn’t sleep and you certainly wouldn’t give in. You would fight until the very last second for that opportunity. It sounds dramatic, but this is how I look at every goal in my career. If I had ONE day to make it all happen, I would utilize every minute to accomplish the goal. Why do we treat any other goal differently? In my first year in business, I earned $1,000 for every pound I lost. I earned $23,000 part time my first year. If someone told you that you would earn $1,000 for every pound you lost, you would run everyday, eat the healthiest foods, and not quit three days into a new program. By living this way, we place urgency in our daily lives. Create urgency around your goals and you will accomplish them.
  5. Don’t Settle
    I attended a training a few weeks ago where the key speaker asked, “why not you?” It’s been my mantra ever since. Why NOT you? You have skills, you have assets, you deserve to see your dreams fulfilled too. So why settle for anything less than what you deserve? Do it for you. Do it for the people who never thought you could. Go for everything people may have assumed you would never get. We get one life to live (as cliche as that sounds). Why settle for the job you don’t love, the relationship that isn’t fulfilling, and the day to day emptiness that leaves you wishing for more? You get to decide the life you want. Decide comes from the latin word decidere, which means to cut off or determine. Why not cut off all doubts, fears, and “impossibilities” for the life you truly want to live? Don’t settle. Buy your freedom back.

Success is terrifying. The more successful I become, the more fear I struggle with. I’ve aligned my life with certain goals, and now that those goals are being achieved, I have to develop even bigger goals for my life with no direction or understanding of how to achieve them. Although fear grapples with me however, I know that courage is moving forward anyway. Onward and upward to the life of my dreams! What mountain will YOU climb?

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