Using Social Media to Make a Profit

You are now (or have been) a business owner and you are feeling pretty damn proud of yourself. You created a business plan that knocked your mom’s socks off, created a logo in photo shop (thanks to the help of your personal assistant- YouTube, and now you want to explore the vast world of “social media” and become a self-made millionaire by connecting with others on this platform.

I’m right there with you. Five years ago when I started my business, I thought the way many new entrepreneurs think: “I have a ton of friends on Facebook. All I have to do is post what I have to offer and they will ALL buy because we are friends!” (insert smirk and shaking of head at my pitiful, previous self.)

Social media is more than posting a picture and assuming those people who love to comment on your pictures of your kid smothered in chocolate syrup will actually support your business. In fact, the people you know and love the most are sometimes your hardest “sell”. And before you say “I’m not in sales” just know that being in business means you ARE. You are selling yourself every single day. Before someone buys your product or service, they are buying YOU first.


How do you avoid the trap of spamming your audience with the back to back photos of your business and losing tons of support and followers? Keep reading on to discover five concepts to start with . . .

Rule Number One

It ain’t all business! I think one of the biggest mistakes people make is they think people actually care about what they have to offer when they first start. I’m not saying some won’t. Of COURSE your Aunt Ethel will be your first customer (awww honey what can I buy to help you? Here’s $20 for you). What I’m saying is, they first need to see how the product or service changed YOU. If you sell health and wellness, how healthy did YOU become? Don’t just post your half melted shake sitting on a dirty countertop; post YOU and your smile and how amazing that shake makes you feel.

You will sell any product or service better than any flyer can!

Rule Number Two

Let the audience IN. Social media means being SOCIAL. If you are only posting your product, people cannot relate to you. Think of it this way: a mom is looking to start an online business selling her home-made jewelry. She sees your AD about building a business from your kitchen table. She clicks THAT Ad because she says “wow, if she can do it, so can I.” It’s not that you created a business selling jewelry; it’s that you are a MOM just like she is. Now she wants to learn from YOU.

Newsflash- MILLIONS of people are also entrepreneurs selling a product just like yours. Always ask yourself, “how am I different?” If you are a realtor, how can you stand out? How can I get people to appreciate what I’m posting and feel connected to ME?

Rule Number Three

Background is EVERYTHAAAAAAAANG. I am so tired of seeing home-based business owners posting pictures with horrendous backgrounds. If I see trash, laundry, your underwire bra on an unfolded bed, I’m scrolling right past your photo. If you can’t take the time to make your pictures look professional, people will question if you are professional enough to work with (this includes blurry and dark pictures also).

You don’t need a professional camera; get some decent lighting, a nice background, and actually pay attention before taking that selfie.

Rule Number Four

Be of service. One of your jobs is to stay relevant and add value to your audience. If you are simply posting things to “sell” you will NEVER get your posts to produce profit. What can you GIVE and give FREE that can add service to the people? This world has enough peddlers pushing products. If you want to truly make it to the top, you have to bring some badass services to the people who will push you there.

Fifth and Final Rule

The truth is, no matter how you structure your social media, (and there are many more tips I can show you) you WILL succeed if you believe (I know, I know, super cheesy- but it’s true!)

No social media can get you farther than just sheer belief and grit. Don’t let people stand in your way, believe in your purpose, and go the hell after it.

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