PODCAST #1: What I Learned About The Word NO

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I welcome you to listen and share your thoughts! Episode #1 is about the power of the word “No.”


When I was a little girl, I watched my mother in awe of her kind heart. My mother was a true gem. She gave with such vigor and passion. You needed $20? My mom would cough it up with no problem. You liked her purse? She would take it off her shoulder and hand it over to you. She gave everything she had to people in need. The problem with this was when my mom lost everything from a job layoff, no one was able to give half of what she had given for all those years.

So what did this 37-year-old mom sitting here in total, random reflection mode learn from this? I learned that “yes” means “I love you.” Yes means, “I support you.” Yes means, “Will you be my best friend because I’m too scared that you’ll leave me if I say no.”

What kind of dysfunctional mess is that?? We live in a world where “No” is misinterpreted. So what do we do? We say yes to almost everything in hopes that we hold on to those we love. Problem is, we lose ourselves in the process. We say yes to that family birthday party, though we truly despise the way Aunt Bertha asks “when are you going to get married” and the way Susan lets her twin boys run around the house wreaking havoc and screaming “long live the twins.”

We say yes to that third date with the guy from the office because we don’t want things to seem “weird” if we just say “No thank you.” We say yes to loaning our sister money for the umpteenth time because we can’t bear the thought of saying no and her questioning if we are truly there for her.

So how do you break the cycle? How do you find your power and re-learn the word “no”? YOU JUST START SAYING IT. Better yet, say it, and don’t explain it. No is a complete sentence. We have to stop linking our “yes” with love. No is the most powerful word in our vocabulary because it not only strengthens our SELF-LOVE, it allows us to also express love in ways that matters . . . not just with material things or showing up to places we aren’t interested in going to, but truly releasing our love in powerful, internal ways.

You are worth your NO. Use it. Love it. Find power in it. Your life will never be the same again.

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